Education First

Under BCCE’s Education First initiative, we have designed seven programs to address the desperate needs of our children in the elementary and secondary educational institutions (elementary, middle, and high schools). The programs provide academic supports as well as mentoring.

The seven programs are: 
  1. Preparatory Study Program (PSP) – This program is aimed at academic and service learning focused on critical thinking through literature, social sciences, film critique, and service to the broader community through a community-based organic farming project and provision of tutoring supports for elementary aged students. The program is aimed at secondary school students and meets weekly.
  2. Mentoring for a Stronger Life (MSL) – This program is aimed at academic and service learning focused on secondary school aged students with severely interrupted formal education backgrounds. MSL aims to engage these students through hands-on academic activities and supports their social emotional development through culturally appropriate mentoring. Students in this program meet weekly. 
  3. Growth Program – This program is designed to provide academic assistance for students transitioning from elementary to middle school. The program includes mentoring components to ensure a comprehensive preparatory experience. The ultimate aim of this program is to achieve personal development goals, writing, vocabulary, and other forms of student enrichment. Students meet twice weekly.
  4. Walk-In Tutoring - This program is aimed at providing homework supports to younger students as well as opportunities for secondary school students to take up leadership roles through mentoring and tutoring. The program is aimed at pre-kindergarten and elementary aged students and meets four days a week Mondays through Thursdays.
  5. Intensive English Language Learning Program - This program provides intensive supports in the English language development of newcomer elementary school students. The program supports small numbers of students to enable greater one-on-one time with the program instructor. Students participate Mondays through Fridays.
  6. BCCE Youth St(W)arriors of Indianapolis - This program engages Burmese youth. The primary objective is to develop local community narratives to support the work of community self-determination and empowerment. Students participate in weekly discussions and engage in documentary film-making projects.
  7. Youth and Leadership Development Program - This program is aimed at supporting youth leadership development particularly in the summer and winter periods when students are not in school. The primary components of the program include Summer School, Winter School, and the Summer Freedom Trip. Students at every age level can participate. The Summer Freedom Trip typically includes middle and high school students.