At the Burmese Community Center for Education (BCCE), we believe that education is the key not only to success, but also to freedom.  All the messages are conveyed through regular community meetings held mainly in two languages – Burmese and Karen and or Kayah (Karenni).

Education First

Under Education First, we have designed 3 programs to address the desperate needs of our children in grade schools.  Although the programs intend to provide academic assistance, the structure and contents of the programs also gear toward mentoring.

The 3 programs are:
  1. Preparatory Study Program (PSP) – Fridays Weekly
  2. Academic Tutoring - Saturdays Weekly
  3. Mentoring for a Stronger Life (MSL) – Sundays Weekly

Academic Tutoring

We provide academic support and enrichment for our elementary, junior high, and high school students so that they may have a more positive and enjoyable U.S. educational experience.

Saturday Tutoring II


Winter School Program (December 2010)

We have successfully completed a winter school from December 20 to December 31 with fifty five participating students and five volunteer tutors.The program culminated in a closing ceremony on New Year eve. Like a tradition we have in Burma, the students and their parents were waiting for the new year, singing songs, playing games, and enjoying traditional porridge prepared by a family from the community. From the beginning to the end, the whole program brought a profoundly enjoyable learning experience for the students as well as for the Center.  

The school ran 5 hours daily - Monday through Friday - and 58 students participated.  At the request of the students and parents, we are considering to organize a 10-day Summer School Program for coming summer 2011.

Workshops and Areas of Concentration
  1. Tax Education
  2. Community and Public Health (Topics and Issues Specific)
  3. Civic Education and Citizenship Workshop
  4. Preparation for College Workshop (1st Workshop on Feb 19)
  5. Environmental Conservation and Healthy Living Workshop
Under Environmental Education, we have a project called the Burmese Community Organic Farming and it is a collaborative partnership between BCCE, Center for Urban Ecology (CUE) at Butler University, and the First Baptist Church (FBC) which will be commenced at the upcoming farm season. 


Articulated by M. Mutraw for BCCE

Through our Community and Public Health Education initiatives (CPHE), the BCCE has merged the two components of Public Health and Education in order to address the health awareness and concerns of our community.  For the purpose of this concept paper, health includes both physical and mental well-being.      

The first component of our CPHE is public health, "the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals."  By prescribing to this definition of public health, the BCCE believes that a healthy community can be attained through public health initiatives involving community residents, concerned citizens, health care professionals and institutions, and other governmental and non-governmental agencies.  

The second component is education.  As always, all the initiatives undertaken by BCCE would be through formal and or informal educational programs, for we share the belief that "learning is for living, and that education means developing the capacity to make judgments..."  

It is our hope that the CPHE Program would ultimately enable us to achieve an empowered community.

The general objectives of this CPHE would include identifying and addressing health concerns, advocating for a healthy community, educating and empowering the community so as to embrace healthy social norms and practices.

In order to materialize the CPHE Program, we are partnering with individual heath care professionals in Indianapolis and beyond.  We will also seek partnerships with governmental and non-governmental health institutions as well as local community health centers.  

We intend to launch the CPHE Program with a series of workshops coordinated between the BCCE and the medical students at Indiana University-Perdue University Indianapolis.  The workshops are topic and issue specific to ensure maximum benefit for and the interest and participation of members of the community.     

Some of our tentative activities would include:
  • Health Education Workshop Series 
  • Health Fairs
  • Immunizations and Students' Health