Our Story

Many of the Burmese refugees, especially the ones who lived through Burma’s conflict zones in Karen, Karenni, and Shan states, came to the United States with little or no formal education. All modern infrastructures were destroyed by the decades old war that continues today. For many, their life fleeing the war offered no opportunity to gain an education; even the refugee camps offered little more than a place to pause. When these people decided to come to the United States, many of them came know­ing there would be challenges that they could not yet imagine. For them, they preferred to leave a life of unspeakable violence for one that offered some hope—however uncertain.

Our Plan

We, at the Burmese Community Center for Edu­cation, believe “a better life” is not just a paying job. It is one that offers mental and physical freedoms as well as material prosperity. We be­lieve that freedom can be achieved through education. Because our programming is founded in the expressed needs of the community, we are able to accom­modate and adjust as needed. The BCCE is an organization in motion, evolving with the chang­ing needs and focus of the community as it contin­ues to grow and prosper.

Partnership with BCCE Partnerships are a vehicle toward the bet­terment of all communities. As our organization grows so will the need for financial and techno­logical support from our partners and volunteers. We will continue to establish partnerships with all interested individuals, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and Churches to materi­alize our programs and accomplish our mission. At the moment, we have solid partnership with:
  • Tzu Chi Foundation 
  • Refugees Resource and Research Institute 
  • The First Baptist Church of Indianapolis
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