Our Mission 
  • Our primary mission is to strengthen and empower the newly resettled refugee-immigrant communities from Burma to become informed, self-sufficient, independent, and positive contributing members of the broader society in Indianapolis areas and beyond through formal and informal educational programs leading toward their self-realization, confidence and sufficiency. 
  • Inform the communities in Indianapolis area and the State of Indiana at large about the diversity brought to them by these Burmese ethnic groups through intercultural events, fellowships, and inter-communities cooperation for greater integration.

Why BCCE? 
  • Most of the Burmese refugees, especially members of ethnic minorities, did not come with any formal education and they tend to be more vulnerable than refugees who had had some education. 
  • The assistance provided for them by the existing agencies are not sufficient to establish themselves in a new country, especially time and skills. 
  • Many are not ready to stand alone by the time the assistance is ended with the sponsoring agencies (after 3 -6 months). Many are not equipped or prepared to take up jobs available in the market due to lack of prior experience or basic education and the agencies are not designed to provide these.

Areas of Focus: Education
  • This would include programs for parents and children, youth, women, etc. 
  • Formal Education for K-12 students and toward high education. 
  • College Preparation 
  • Informal Education – For the adults to receive skill-specific trainings and addressing the concerns of community through various educational programs.

Environmental Education

When we think about engaging the Burmese community in greater Indianapolis community, we think about how a small community as ours could significantly participate. Of all the many wonderful activities, we believe choosing what is most relevant to our cultures would be best for the small community to play a significant role. Through small activities and educational programs on environmental conservation, not only that our community will be participating in the mainstream’s progressive movement, but also will we be reconnecting with our cultural roots.

Community & Public Health
Our understanding of health includes both physical and mental well-being. Public health means "the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals." BCCE has merged the two components of Public Health and Education in order to address the health awareness and concerns of our community. The issues we address would include, among others, domestic violence, mental health, and reproductive health. 

Cultural & Ethnic Diversity
  • Through Educational programs. 
  • Through inter-community networking, fellowship, educational programs, and other recreational activities, etc., to promote peaceful coexistence and encourage respect for differences.